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Studying with the Faculty has given me a thorough grounding in astrology, using an approach which makes space for both technical accuracy and intuition. The inspiring tutors and extensive course material made the Faculty an obvious choice. Lisa Stockley Diploma Holder. I started off taking classes simultaneously at three different astrology schools in London, which were all special in their own way.

In the end, it was the very in-depth and methodical teaching style of the Faculty and its many incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and kind teachers that made me want to study for a Diploma here. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this school! Daliah Roth Diploma Holder. The main value of the Faculty is its people — the tutors and the staff, who have been most supportive and inspiring.

For me it is a great honour to be among the Faculty's Diploma Holders. The seven years have passed so quickly because the study process has been intense and rewarding through all the 9 modules. Guna Bundule Diploma Holder. Remember that module credits expire after 6 years unless you validate them by passing the relevant exam at that level.

Classes are taught LIVE online and are available as recorded sessions shortly after. Email Address.

He has been teaching students for many years, presenting workshops and seminars all over the world. I am totally keeping up, always read up on everything every week, and grasping the concept of horary easily. It has a lot more depth than I ever imagined. It works for me to learn astrology this, with horary first then a contemporary predictive focus.

I do need more knowledge on the chart itself, and am looking forward to learning more Dina Adelaide, SA. What Is A Sun Sign? How Can Astrology Help? Starts August Mid term examination is compulsory and qualifying for junior classes.

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Students failing in the mid term examination, are not allowed to appear for the Annual Examination. A student will get two chances before Annual Examination to qualify the Mid term examination. Examination fee for supplementary mid term is Rs. A candidate will be given maximum six chances for re-appearance in the failed examination. Fee for attending again in last semester for those who are not able to appear for the final examination : Rs. Admission Committee reserves the right to confirm or reject the admission to the Candidate which will be based on performance in the interview and verification of certificates produced in original.


These documents must be produced at the time of Interview. The decision of Admission Committee will be final and binding. No further explanation will be given for rejection of any candidature. Admission shall be cancelled in case full fee is not deposited within prescribed time. The vacancies so caused may be filled up by the Institute immediately before the commencement of the Course.

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Towards the end of the Course the following examination will be held i. After p. At the time of admission one year fee for both the terms along with other charges must be paid. Dates for the payment of fee and other dues by the students who are admitted will be notified from time to time. After the first week no refund. Tuition fee does not include cost of study material which may be given to the students on actual cost-basis.

All the students registered with the Institute of Astrology will be subject to the general disciplinary control of Advisor through its controller of Examinations and the rules framed by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Students are desired to adhere the protocol for airing any grievance, first to the class teacher, then to the Member, Committee of Examinations, then to the Chairman, then to Advisor and then to the Principal of the Institute.

Failure to adherence of disciplinary protocol, student are liable for strict disciplinary action. The decision of the Institute will be final and binding. For all practical purposes the teacher who takes first class on Saturdays will be the Class Teacher. For Junior Alankar students, if first class on Saturdays happens to be of Sanskrit then teacher who takes first class on Sundays will be the Class Teacher.

Every class will choose two monitors, who represent them in Monitor's meeting and for other purposes. Monitor's meeting will be held on every third Sunday of the month to be conducted by Examinations and Time Table Committee. Shri K. Shri Shiv Raj Sharma. Shri S. Shri Vinay Gupta. Shri Deepak Kapoor. Shri E.

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Co-Author of "Book of Varshphala". Shri Nalin Jain. Shri Manoj K. Shri Deepak Bisaria. Padma Raghavan. Akhila Kumar. Shri R.

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Diploma in Computers, Jyotish Visharad. Member , Examinations and Time Table Committee. Shri Rajesh Dadwal. Shri V.