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Meen Pisces. Astrology services provided by us. Aries Ascendant or Rising sign or Mesha Lagna People of Aries rising sign The Aries Ascendant natives are born with vigor and energy of planet Mars for which they are impatient beings and are perceived to be quiet hasty in their approach as they take quick decisions and believes only in walking forward. Celebrity Astrologers. Panel of Astrologers Know more about our team of celebrity astrologers.

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Career for Aries Ascendant

Live consultation. Get the live telephonic consultation from our celebrity astrologers Get the answers of all the questions related to aspects by using Vedic Astrology principles answered by the team of Vedic astrologers in the 25,45 or 60 minutes astrology session More.. Birth chart 10th house. How a person's profession, business, influence, professional success, popularity and higher designation are impacted by 10th house More.. If Jupiter is present in such a strong manner along with Lord Mercury, you will establish a career as a teacher, professor, tutor or consultant and also get bank jobs.

You will also get opportunities in the police, military fields, railways, public transport sectors, and other good managerial posts in such fields. If Lord Sun is present along with Mars, with the beneficial presence or aspect of Lord Jupiter, you will get a decent career.

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When Saturn is present along with Lord North Star or Lord South Star, you will face many sufferings, and get jobs in challenging fields with many law related difficulties. If those planets do not favor with beneficial aspect, then you might even have to resort to heating people for your living. If Lord Saturn is in a weak position, then you will keep shifting your career, poor salary, or work as a low level worker or even as bonded laborer. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

You understand the capacity of intuition to illuminate your life and the lives of others. During your life you will find yourself going through cycles of intuitive insight and more practical application. All intuition without practical effort carries little impact, so you have to develop a compassionate style for delivering your psychic messages. With Mars as ruler, Aries is not known for its compassion, so you have an interesting task.

Qualities you can easily demonstrate are your endless enthusiasm for life, quick wit, and your spontaneous responses. Practice being enthusiastic about the path of other beings. Inject humor into difficult situations to ease their path.

If you are impatient, be impatient to see them reach the next level of creativity. If you are foolish, be foolish with your willingness to help. If you are jealous, show it as protectiveness of their tender hearts. As you practice the strengths of your rising sign, you will find that what began as a lively, expressive personality is developing into your soul expression. You know, deep within yourself, that intellect functions best when it is paired with intuition. As you open yourself to the world of intuition, your sensitivity deepens.

You become an active participant in the creative process as you re-orient toward the inner voice.

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As you activate the purifying process of fire in your life, you may find that your physical health is affected. Wholeness and wellness are significant factors in your spiritual quest. The head, and especially the eyes, become the focus of your intuition and expression. When spiritual energy first arises, you may experience headaches and your eyes may tire easily.

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You may benefit from meditative practice in which you visualize energy moving up your spine and out the top of your head. See it flow around you like a fountain, to be pulled up your spine again. In this meditation use the energy within you to move through any pain in your eyes or head, and you can also use it to connect with the immediate environment.

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You are direct, straightforward, assertive, and usually completely aboveboard in all your dealings. Candid and incapable of guile, insincerity or phoniness, you project a confident and sometimes arrogant appearance to others.

Moon in 1st house in Aries for Aries ascendant in astrology

You like to be original and do not mind going it alone. You may feel that you do not fit into groups very well, and that you do not naturally blend in and cooperate with others very easily. You like to be either a leader or a loner. You are a doer and thrive on freedom, challenge, and activity. You tend to think in clear, black and white terms, and to be somewhat simplistic in your outlook, which enables you to act in a very decisive and self-assured manner. When inspired with an idea, you feel such a sense of urgency and excitement about it that you will often charge ahead and try to implement it in a rather bold but poorly planned and crudely executed way.

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Patience and careful attention to details are not your forte. However, you never accept defeat and will have brilliant and unprecedented successes and discoveries, as well as painful failures. To you it is far better to make mistakes than it is to play it safe and never try. You are scornful of what you see as weakness or passivity in others and also of the human tendency to imitate and follow.

You are not a follower. Others see you as a strong individual, and perhaps brash and brazen as well. You present a strong front to the world and generally do not allow others to see your vulnerable or insecure side. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use found here. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address.

Cafe Astrology. Aries Rising — General You project yourself into the world spontaneously, directly, honestly, fearlessly, audaciously, heroically. Aries Rising and Mars in Gemini Your ruling planet, Mars, is in Gemini: Using the power of the word and the intellect rather than the sword is your destiny.

Aries Rising and Mars in Cancer Your ruling planet, Mars, however, is in the gentle, sensitive, and sympathetic sign of Cancer, so much of your forcefulness is softened by compassion or muted by caution.