Summer solstice march 23 astrology

Best Match: A busybody Aquarius can match you word for word with fun conversation. Can you move beyond just talking about it? The Sun in your sign is more than a signal to add another candle to the birthday cake. Look to make a great deal in negotiating to move up in the world a few days after having that slice of birthday cake. Best Match: A hot Scorpio may seem out of your league, but a cute Aries guy might inspire a little competition for your affections between the two.

Photography and boating are two early summer hobbies that will be a great time and an excuse to get together with someone who strikes your fancy.

Solstices & Equinoxes for New York

The Sun in Cancer makes you as attractive as you want to be. Best Match: Nothing like a Sagittarius man to make you feel good about yourself for who you are as an individual. Get summer started off great with no strings attached. Your planning and foresight will make you popular with some friends and neighbors who know you have got the right information. Divvy it out to those who have been good to you.

Best Match: The Bull is a lover with too many talents to pass up. This is the time to assert yourself in the quest for what you want. The demands of a big career move are suddenly upon you.

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Taking the leap toward success comes at the price of leaving behind part of the old world that made you who you are. Best Match: Another Libra could show you the good time that you have so far been spending working for others. Getting a comprehensive understanding of what you are in for will make you even hungrier for the challenge ahead. The exciting part is in knowing that you can actually get this all done. Best Match: Pisces men are notorious for not getting too involved without discreet steps in the relationship being passed, so your summer can start slow and finish fast.

You might not notice the days flying by because your nights are about to get so wild. If you are looking for a taste of unbridled fun, you have found it all and more. This is not a time to hold back or stay home. Best Match: The zodiac energy is putting you in touch with just about every sign. While a Leo could dazzle you, there are eleven other signs waiting their turn for your attention. Soulmate energy is pulsating with a great intensity.

Summer solstice

If you are single, there is a magnetic attraction to a possible passion partner. Look to get the most out of everyone you meet. Best Match: A pace toward relationships is intensifying and the soulmate energy transcends specific zodiac signs. The one to whom you are gravitating is the one the stars pull toward you. Summer fun might be postponed, as you must get down to work. You made a good impression on the people in charge with your can-do attitude, but the Sun in Cancer is time to actually do it all.

Best Match: Gemini men are ready to ease your burden and a Taurus guy could show you a work shortcut to get you out of the office early and into his arms later on. The sign of the Crab signals your artistic pursuits and time with children all increasing to crowd out an already busy schedule. Plan ahead in order to avoid needing to be in two places at once. Best Match: Gemini is not ordinarily suggested as a match for you, but the energy between his talking and your dreaming could produce a summer of passionate exchanges.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

All Categories. Love and money ruler Venus enters quirky Gemini on June 8th. This transit inspires us to see everything and be everywhere. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin when accepting invitations, and enjoy every moment. The Sun opposes a retrograde Jupiter on June 10, offering an opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. The luck on this day is a bit like flipping a coin and getting your desired outcome.

Express your creative side on June 14 when fiery Mars trines dreamy Neptune. The action planet will help you to bring your inspirations into the physical world through art or dance. Give your creative muscles a little flex and see what happens. Things may not be as they appear on June 16 when Jupiter squares Neptune. People may try to make big promises that sound enticing while Mercury trines Neptune on the 16th. The Moon waxes full in Sagittarius on June 17, bringing our collective attention towards our shared goals and thoughts. Experiment with your routine during this transit. Summer solstice arrives on June 21, heralding the first day of Cancer season.

Carve out time in solitude and nature as the Sun lights up the emotional sign of the Crab.